The definitive guide to holiday accommodation on Tobago

Tobago resort Hotels & Inns

Tobago offers a choice of holiday resorts, hotels and inns with somewhere to suit every budget. Here are a few that we can highly recommend. The links will take you to full details on myTobago.

Blue Haven Hotel

55-bedroom Holiday Resort in Bacolet, Tobago

Blue Haven Hotel, Bacolet, Tobago

The Blue Haven Hotel is Tobago's premier boutique hotel. It is located just outside capital, Scarborough, immediately adjacent to stunning Bacolet Bay and beach. The hotel was one of Tobago's very first hotels. It reopened in 2001 following a 25-year closure. Fully restored and modernised, the hotel retains a traditional colonial style and ambiance.

We have stayed at the Blue Haven Hotel several times and can highly recommend it to anyone looking for high standards of comfort and to those who prefer the ambience of a smaller upscale hotel.

  • Bacolet (Scarborough)
  • $225-430 per night
  • 20-minute drive
  • Beachside Property

Blue Waters Inn

38-bedroom Hotel in Speyside, Tobago

Blue Waters Inn, Speyside, Tobago

Set in 46 acres of lush tropical grounds and backing glorious Batteaux Bay, the Blue Waters Inn boasts one of the most stunning locations on Tobago. The best reefs on the island are but minutes away and being situated on the edge of the rainforest, the opportunities for birdwatchers are just too good to miss.

The hotel has been operational for many years but suffered from lack of investment. We were keen to support this unique hotel but had little choice but to withdraw our earlier recommendation around 2008. Then, a new generation of the owning family took over and clearly saw the potential. The hotel has benefitted from a very major refurbishment in recent years.

We returned to the Blue Waters Inn in early 2018; the first visit for 10 years. What a transformation � not just in terms of the accommodation, but more importantly in terms of the staff attitudes and catering. This small hotel is truly a gem deserving of serious consideration.

  • Speyside (North End)
  • $170-700 per night
  • 75-minute drive
  • Beachside Property

Coco Reef Resort

136-bedroom Holiday Resort in Store Bay, Tobago

Coco Reef Resort, Store Bay, Tobago

The 135-room Coco Reef Resort is unquestionably Tobago's leading luxury holiday resort. A good hotel offering great food, fantastic staff and boasting its own delightful private beach.

The Coco Reef may not have the polished veneer and glitz of modern luxury hotels in other parts of the world, but the faded Colonial elegance and genuine warmth of the staff create an ambience that many guests fall in love with. Proof of this is a repeat rate that other hotels can only dream of. Visitors go on holiday to the Coco Reef, rather than going on holiday to Tobago and staying at the Coco Reef.

  • Store Bay (Crown Point)
  • $326-3828 per night
  • 5-minute drive
  • Beachside Property

Cuffie River Nature Retreat

12-bedroom Hotel in Runnemede, Tobago

Cuffie River Nature Retreat, Runnemede, Tobago

The Cuffie River Nature Retreat is a unique, privately owned and run, 12 room eco-lodge. It is situated on the edge of Tobago's rainforest in the very centre of the island, about fifteen-minutes from Castara. The retreat is unquestionably the island's leading hotel for bird watchers but will be of equal interest to anyone seeking peace and tranquillity in a wonderful and natural rainforest environment. Children are allowed, but not encouraged.

We have stayed at the Cuffie River Nature Retreat numerous times over the years. It continues to hold a special place in our heart. The standards of accommodation are excellent and owner, Regina, continues to produce Caribbean catering without peer.

  • Runnemede (Upper Caribbean)
  • $120-220 per night
  • 45-minute drive
  • 20+ minute Drive

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf

178-bedroom Holiday Resort in Lowlands, Tobago

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf, Lowlands, Tobago

With 178 rooms, the Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort is Tobago's largest hotel. After opening in 2000, it operated until 2008 as part of the Hilton chain. The hotel was then fully refurbished and re-opened in 2012 under new management.

The Magdalena Grand is located on the beautifully landscaped Tobago Plantations development on Tobago's Atlantic coast, just a short hop from the airport. It has all the bells and whistles one would associate with a resort of this size. We have stayed at the hotel twice since it re-opened and on both occasions have been highly impressed by the friendliness of the staff and the excellence of the catering.

  • Lowlands (Scarborough)
  • $183-750 per night
  • 15-minute drive
  • Beachside Property

Mount Irvine Bay Resort

80-bedroom Holiday Resort in Mount Irvine, Tobago

Mount Irvine Bay Resort, Mount Irvine, Tobago

The Mount Irvine Bay Resort (formerly Mount Irvine Bay Hotel & Golf Club), is one of Tobago's oldest and most established original hotels. The hotel has undergone a massive refurbishment in recent years and, what appears to be, a complete change in management philosophy. The 'Old Colonial' styling of the old hotel has been softened and now appears far more modern and appealing. After many years in limbo, we suspect that the hotel is now ready to resume its rightful place in the echelon of top Tobago hotels.

  • Mount Irvine (Lower Caribbean)
  • $128-552 per night
  • 15-minute drive
  • 3-5 minute Walk

Sandy Point Beach Club

40-bedroom Hotel in Crown Point, Tobago

Sandy Point Beach Club, Crown Point, Tobago

The Sandy Point Beach Club is a timeshare club. However, they offer short-term holiday rental of vacant apartments. The property is located at Sandy Point, immediately adjacent to the airport runway. Visitor comments about the Sandy Point Beach Club have been highly complementary and concerns about noise due to the proximity to the airport can be almost totally dismissed. The club offers a daily shuttle service to Pigeon Point and Mount Irvine beaches.

The Sandy Point Beach Club should NOT be confused with the adjacent small Sandy Point Village hotel, which suffers a very different reputation.

  • Crown Point (Crown Point)
  • $100-250 per night
  • 5-minute drive
  • Beachside Property

Shepherd's Inn

20-bedroom Hotel in Kilgwyn, Tobago

Shepherd's Inn, Kilgwyn, Tobago

A recent addition to the Tobago hotel stock, Shepherd's Inn is a charming and quaint 20-room hotel just a few minutes' drive (or walk) from Tobago's airport. The hotel is superbly located for Store Bay and Pigeon Point beaches, as well as for all the other facilities of the Crown Point area.

Shepherd's Inn occupies premises formerly belonging to Toucan Inn and Bonkers Restaurant. After this ill-fated establishment went into liquidation, the property was purchased by Colin Shepherd of Sheppy's Auto Rental fame. After major investment and a total refurbishment, the new inn was launched, looking better than ever, with a unique local character and emphasis that is sure to make it a great success.

  • Kilgwyn (Crown Point)
  • $90-120 per night
  • 5-minute drive
  • 11-15 minute Walk