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There are a wide variety of hotels and resorts available for holidays and vacation on Tobago. These hotels come in all shapes and sizes to suite every taste and budget. The single most outstanding feature to distinguish Tobago hotels and resorts, however, is the warm, friendly and genuinely hospitable personality of the local staff who make you feel truly welcome on their beautiful island - whatever the level of accommodation.

The myTobago listing of Tobago Hotels & Resorts is the definitive guide. Not only do we provide details and reviews of EVERY hotel and resort on Tobago, but also every other type of holiday accommodation on the island. Our guide is complete - not simply an abbreviated list of paid advertisers.

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Blue Haven Hotel - 55 room Hotel

Blue Haven HotelThe Blue Haven Hotel is Tobago's premier boutique hotel. It is located just outside capital, Scarborough, immediately adjacent to stunning Bacolet Bay and beach. The hotel was one of Tobago’s very first hotels. It reopened in 2001 following a 25-year closure. Fully restored and modernised, the hotel retains a traditional colonial style and ambiance. We have stayed at the Blue Haven Hotel several times and can highly recommend it to anyone looking for high standards of comfort and to those who prefer the ambience of a smaller upscale hotel.

Location:   Bacolet (Scarborough)

Airport:    20 minute drive

Prices:       US$225-430 per night

Beach:     Beachside Property

Ranking:      (28 votes)

Details:    hotel details

Coco Reef Resort - 136 room Hotel

Coco Reef ResortThe Coco Reef has matured into a really top-class hotel and the increasing number of awards that the hotel now wins comes as no real surprise. As a pure holiday resort, it has no equal on the island. A great hotel offering great food, fantastic staff and a delightful beach (even if it is man-made). For further details, read our full review of this splendid hotel. The Coco Reef Resort is located in the Crown Point area, with Store Bay on one side of the hotel and Pigeon Point on the other.

Location:   Store Bay (Crown Point)

Airport:    5 minute drive

Prices:       US$326-3828 per night

Beach:     Beachside Property

Ranking:      (80 votes)

Details:    hotel details

Cuffie River Nature Retreat - 12 room Hotel

Cuffie River Nature RetreatThe Cuffie River Nature Retreat is a small family-run eco-lodge. On the edge of Tobago's rainforest and cradled in the Runnemede Valley on Tobago's northern coast, a fifteen-minute drive from Castara. The Cuffie River Nature Retreat claims to offer the ultimate in bird-watching and rainforest tours. Children allowed, but not encouraged. We spent a week at the Retreat in 2005, 2012 and then again in 2016 when the video below was shot. Staying there was a major highlight of each trip. The levels of accommodation and catering are exceptional and the location stunning. Read our review for full details.

Location:   Runnemede (Upper Caribbean)

Airport:    45 minute drive

Prices:       US$120-220 per night

Beach:     20+ minute Drive

Ranking:      (29 votes)

Details:    hotel details

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf - 178 room Hotel

Magdalena Grand Beach & GolfThe Magdalena Grand Beach Resort is Tobago's largest resort hotel. It operated from 2000 to 2008 as the Hilton Tobago Golf & Spa Resort and will undoubtedly continue to be known as such for some time to come.The hotel is located beside a windy stretch of the Atlantic Ocean on the Tobago Plantations development. The hotel has all the bells and whistles one would associate with a resort of this size. Sadly, the local beach is not suitable for swimming but the hotel do offer a shuttle service to other more usable beaches on the other side of the island.

Location:   Lowlands (Scarborough)

Airport:    15 minute drive

Prices:       US$183-750 per night

Beach:     Beachside Property

Ranking:      (25 votes)

Details:    hotel details

Sandy Point Beach Club - 40 room Hotel

Sandy Point Beach ClubThe Sandy Point Beach Club is primarily a timeshare club, but does offer rental of vacant apartments. The property is located at Sandy Point, right next to the airport. Visitor comments about the Sandy Point Beach Club have been extremely complimentary and any concerns about noise due to the proximity to the airport can be almost totally dismissed. The club offers a daily shuttle service to Pigeon Point and Mount Irvine beaches.The Sandy Point Beach Club should NOT be confused with the adjacent Sandy Point Village hotel which suffers from a very poor reputation.

Location:   Crown Point (Crown Point)

Airport:    5 minute drive

Prices:       US$100-250 per night

Beach:     Beachside Property

Ranking:      (64 votes)

Details:    hotel details

Shepherd's Inn - 20 room Hotel

Shepherd's InnFormerly trading as Toucan Inn / Bonkers Restaurant, this charming quaint 20-room hotel was purchased in 2015 by Colin Shepherd of Sheppy's Auto Rental fame and has benefited from new management and a major refurbishment. The hotel is superbly located for both the airport and the main Store Bay and Pigeon Point beaches, plus all the other facilities of the Crown Point area. We are confident that this charming and intimate hotel is set to regain it's rightful place among Tobago's leading small hotels.

Location:   Kilgwyn (Crown Point)

Airport:    5 minute drive

Prices:       US$90-120 per night

Beach:     11-15 minute Walk

Ranking:      (6 votes)

Details:    hotel details

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